autum, i'm waiting...

It was 78 degrees yesterday.

Seventy. Eight.

Look, I know Kansas can play a little fast and loose with its so-called 'seasonal weather', but this is just...not right. WHERE ARE YOU, FALL?

I just got back from France, where I spent the last five weeks. (We can talk about that in a whole other post, promise.) Although it was surprisingly disgustingly hot in Paris the first week or two that I was there, it cooled off pretty quickly. I definitely got used to wearing sweaters and jackets and hell, I was enjoying it immensely. So yes, I was a little bitter when I stepped out of the Kansas City airport and immediately started sweating.

Unfortunately, I have no control over the weather besides my continuous recycling efforts, so I'm just going to have to wait out this lingering summer heat. To hold me over, I've taken to staring longingly at my computer screen filled with pictures of chunky knits and scarves the size of the kraken.

We'll get there soon. We will.

Until I can start living my sartorial dream without fear of self-induced heat stroke, here are some of the things I've been drooling over...

oversized sweaters

oversized jackets

oversized scarves

[let's be honest, oversized everything]



Like, so many layers that you just end up looking like a pile of fabric scraps? Now you're singing my song!

I'm lazy so all of these photos can be sourced back to my warm & cozy pinterest board.

Next up, we'll take a look at how my current wardrobe measures up to this inspiration.

PS: Happy October!


my no-makeup month

I kind of hate wearing makeup. Skin makeup, more specifically. I like lipstick occasionally (not on campus, which is where I am most days) and although I like the smokey eye effect, I really cannot do more than mascara and liner. I tried, once. I somehow managed to look like a raccoon with a black eye. Which is odd, since raccoons already have that look naturally. (If you ask me, that takes some serious skill in its own right.) But yes, that is how bad my eye shadow job was. 

The makeup I hate wearing is foundation/concealer/powder/all the other ten trillion products made for skin. I do resign myself to wearing foundation occasionally for job interviews or for work or if I just want to look polished. I hardly ever feel like I'm required to wear makeup, except for the previously mentioned job interviews.

I decided that I am going to take on April (and the last seven days of March) makeup-free. It's not even about making a statement; it's just because I don't want to so I'm not going to. Also, my skin gets really red. So red and spotty that it looks like I have a rash, which obviously isn't good. I don't want to run to the dermatologist quite yet, as my skin usually leaves there looking worse (please don't give me anymore salicylic acid, christ). Plus, there are a few "home remedies" I want to try first. Though I use that phrase loosely, because don't think I'm about to go eat one raw onion per day (though I do love onions) or start oil pulling (I can't sit there for twenty minutes doing that, I've got shit to do). I mean things like...drink more water (a novel concept, I know). I have some rice mask sheets I got for Christmas so I'll use those. And, you know, the whole no-makeup thing. May not help, but it certainly won't hurt.

I was trying to get a sans-makeup photo with decent lighting. I think I took like 50 pictures. It wasn't until I was looking through them that I realized how red my skin actually is. I blame this on: 1. it being way past my bedtime right now, and 2. my bathroom, oddly enough, has pretty flattering lighting, so I don't see all the imperfections the way I do when staring at dozens of horrid photos of myself.

Unfortunately, I'm only putting one here. The rest are getting deleted immediately.

Glamour shot!

On a positive note, I love my crazy hair. Frizz for life!

Much love.


i'll never let you sweep me off my feet

How good are you at not judging people? I'm talking about the more generalized judging that is unnecessary and usually negative.

I won't lie, walking through campus every day, I get to see all the interesting and unique styles people have (ignoring the leggings-and-sweater girls. No shade. I wear the hell out of that outfit too). One thing I struggle with, though, is sizing a person up by what shoes they are wearing. I know that sounds so...stupid. You're right. It is. But if you didn't catch on from this post here, I have a thing about shoes.

I once read that an interviewer would not judge a potential employee by what clothing they wore to the interview but by the shoes they wore. They said that it gave a better idea of a person's attention to detail and blah blah none of you care. My point is, if clothes are a sentence, shoes are the punctuation at the end. Might not seem important, but it provides the tone of the entire thing as a whole.

Now, I want to be clear: I don't judge a person's character by their shoes (again, excluding this post), just their fashion sense.

You'd think that a college campus isn't the best place for judging footwear, seeing as most people are walking a fair bit and thus are less likely to walk around in 4-inch heels. This is true. But that's where two other events/situations come into play: 1. career fairs, and 2. my work.