Pinterest, magazines, and glue sticks

Wow, I haven't posted on here in so long (since February?) but that does not mean I have been skipping out on some fashion sessions. I blame Pinterest. Also, before Pinterest was...well, there, I had a sort of hard-copy lookbook I maintained. I started it about five years ago, but it's just been sitting around gathering dust the last few years. So last night I dragged out the book and did a little editing and updating. It really is amazing seeing how my tastes have changed over the last half-decade. I'd like to think they've gotten a bit more...refined. That is to say, less 19 years-old-ish.

I don't consider the two (Pinterest and my lookbook) as being the same. There are great things floating around Pinterest, and especially during Fashion Week(s) when a lot of new stuff appears, but during the off-seasons, I start seeing a lot of recycling of the same photos. This is why I like magazines. Styles might be similar every now and then, but at least they use completely different pictures for each new edition (barring ads, which are actually terrific for inspiration. Assuming they're not completely...wack).

Here's my Pinterest, if you are interested. And here's a photo (or two photos) I pinned recently. Because so far I've written a lot of text and I suppose it needs to be broken up with an image or two.

I want a poncho please.

My fall/winter style summarized in four words:
A walking fabric shop.

So I call it my lookbook because that is the word that I glued on the notebook five years ago and it does not appear as though I will be able to remove them anytime soon so I digress. The Lookbook it is. Anyways, it is laughable what I do: as I read through new magazines, I fold down the corners of pages which contain something that catches my eye. After I'm done reading, I can later go back through quickly, find the pages I marked, and cut out whatever I liked. Then I glue the pictures to 3-hole-punched graph paper and finally nestle said papers into my book. It's like second grade art class. Except I don't have to use safety scissors. (It's time-consuming. I should probably be doing things more socially acceptably productive.)

I do, in fact, have a point to the previous three paragraphs. As I mentioned, I started updating the books, and I just thought I'd share some of my favorites. These are ones that I have not yet seen on Pinterest, so hopefully they are a breath of fresh air (or at least non-recirculated air) for you as well.

I hope you enjoy these. I'm predicting that it will take me a hella long time to scan these. (And yes, 'hella long' is a standard scientific measurement of time.) So without further ado...