Queen of hearts

My all-black outfit was not very exciting, as I realized I have a lot fewer black pieces of clothing than I originally thought. Oh well.

I'm still trying to figure out how to pose for these without looking like a tool. And I can't wait for my camera to get here within the next week! Hopefully outfit quality will improve as the picture quality improves.




Valentines Day is tomorrow. I've never felt particularly strong feelings for this holiday. If I happen to have a significant other when February 14 rolls around then we enjoy it. But with no one around to enjoy it, it's just another day for me. This year falls under the second category. So while I feel no bitterness towards it, I'm thinking an all-black outfit tomorrow will be appropriately tongue-in-cheek.

Some inspiration:

Just an average day

Kind of my day-to-day, nothing special outfit. Some days I don't feel much like being fancy.

HOODIE permanently borrowed from ex SHIRT Walmart
I now fully understand how trying to pose for photos like this is incredibly awkward.


Personal style: part I

So since my last post I've been evaluating my blog and changes I want to make. I usually read 6 different fashion-related blogs/websites daily. They're all wonderful sites but are completely different.

My problem is that if I start looking at one for too long I'll get sucked into that "style" and want to make my blog more like that. So I'm trying to suss out...everything, it feels like. When it comes down to it, with no outside influences, what do I want my blog to say? Do I want to focus on DIYs? Outfits? Runway to real life?

There will probably be a little of everything because that's truly how I put together my wardrobe and enjoy fashion, but over the next few weeks I think my blog will have a little bit different flavor. I hope, whatever I come up with, you find it enjoyable and maybe a bit less multiple-personalities. I'm also hoping that having a more cohesive theme to my blog will make it easier to decide what to write about in blog posts, and thus the blog will be updated more frequently.

>note: I feel like this post isn't complete for some reason, but I don't exactly have anything else to say at the moment, so I'll just leave you with my ultimate personal style inspiration:

France, je t'aime.

They just don't do it like this in the U.S.



Finding personal style

I decided to write this post for a few different reasons. At the moment, it's not really a "how to find personal style" because that would entail me understanding how I found mine, which *spoiler alert* I haven't. And that's what this post is about. It'll probably involve some excuses (which I hope you'll instead take as explanations), some deep and not-so-deep musings, and hopefully a decent amount of pictures. (I always feel that when a blog post goes beyond the optimum words-to-pictures ratio I get a bit disinterested. So in the interest of not getting disinterested, here's a picture for you)

I didn't choose the thug life; the thug life chose me. (on the right)

So I wouldn't say I "struggle" with my personal style. I feel like struggle is a very strong word to be using for something that is purely about aesthetics. So I'm not going to agonize over it to the same extent that I do about changing my major for the 10th time. However, it's still something I care about and like to indulge in, so I will indeed put some thought into it. (It's picture break time now, isn't it?)

Can you tell my parents had a thing for dressing us like we're twins? (We're not.) (I'm on the right.)

The problem I'm seeming to have is, not only can I not seem to find my "base" personal style, I can't seem to even find the words to describe what I'm trying to describe. (Seriously. I've rewritten this paragraph like 15 times now.) Sure, I can go through a magazine looking at pictures, saying yes I like this and no I don't like that...but we all know that is a lot different than when you get dressed each morning.

So I think this is why I'm having a little trouble getting inspired for blog posts or DIYs or even putting on something in the morning that is more interesting than jeans and a sweater.

My mom can't take the blame for this one though. (apparently I like to stand on the same side in photos)

So even though I really enjoy fashion, I'm not always in the right state of mind to produce it myself. And I don't have a sewing machine. (And I really don't have the money to buy one, although I would love to have one. I'm sure I'd get some good use out of it.) And the only camera I have is the one attached to my phone, so taking outfit shots would look like something out of "typical 7th grade facebook photos". (I know, I know, excuses.)

Surprise, I actually have two sisters, not one. (And an unfortunate bangs era, in the middle.) 

I guess I'm trying to not only figure out what I want my blog to say, but what I want my clothes to say as well. So I'm going back to basics. I'm going to try to define my style and maybe get out of my comfort zone a little (I might actually buy something pink!).

Piper sure likes the color pink.

Although I envy the people who just kind of have the natural ability to look chic or cool or whatever (or just don't have problems with not wearing hoodies), I think the great part is figuring it all out. As Miley would say (yes, I'm about to quote a Miley Cyrus song...don't flinch, just go with it), it's not about what's waitin....okay no I changed my mind, I'm not going there. Basically, figuring it all out is, in all honesty, 95% of what makes it so fun. So, here's to getting back to basics.

Wish me luck!


This is my purse:

I love my purse very much. It's the perfect size and perfect color, and best of all, I got it for $13. Sadly, I've had it for 4 or 5 years now, and it is not real leather. It's definitely looking worse for wear. Like, BAD.

LEFT straps where the faux leather has started to peel off
RIGHT inside fabric that has ripped from overuse

And a few months ago I tried to find a different purse that I liked as much as this one but nothing really compared. (I realize it's starting to sound like I'm talking about a lover. Yes, I love my purse. No, it does not get to share my bed.) Anyways, the point is I still really love it, and would love to keep it (and would love to not drop $ on a new one). So my question is...should I try to DIY it? This would involve somehow fixing the straps and basically replacing the entire lining (including two side pockets). This would be a lot of DIYing for someone who 1) does not have a ton of free time, and 2) does not have a sewing machine at her disposal. Or is it time to say goodbye to my well-worn purse?

>side note: I'm loving this cotton/jute chevron rug I got at Kohls. I actually bought 3 chevron rugs for my apartment. I never realized I was so chevron-crazed!