Outfit of the day - similar

My outfit today was pretty similar to yesterday. This is why I think it's easier to dress for the cooler months. Having to wear more clothes = having more options. So I am definitely counting down the days til fall, or at least until I can wear a shirt with long sleeves outside without instantly getting heat exhaustion.
PANTS: Rewind/Kohls 30.00   TANK: UnderArmour/Nordstrom 19.90 sale   EARRINGS: Nordstrom 6.00
NECKLACE: gift,  from Africa
So again like yesterday, not particularly special or exciting, but I did wear it to run errands and stuff, which normally I would only put more effort into an outfit if I happened to be going out to eat/movies/bar/whatever. I need to expand my wardrobe a bit but that won't happen for at least two or three months, until I figure out my budget. But working with what I already own is definitely forcing me to be creative!

Outfit of the day - baby steps

Because today (technically yesterday since it's past midnight) was my first day of trying to look more fashionable and put-together, I thought I'd document it even though it was nothing special (there are bound to be lots of boring outfits in the future too, but hopefully less boring than before).

Baby steps because I still chose something from my closet that i wear pretty often, I just tried to go the extra mile with all the finishings.

Most days this hot I would just stick to shorts or yoga capris and a $2 Hanes tshirt (which are wonderful), but I was surprisingly not uncomfortable in this outfit even in the 100 degree full sun.

EARRINGS: Nordstrom 6.00   SHIRT: Target 8.00   JEANS: Rewind at Kohls 30.00   BRACELET: gift, from Africa
Like I said, not too exciting. But I have to say, those jeans are ahhhhmazing! My sisters and I all have a pair. They're 95% cotton, 5% spandex, so they're quite a bit softer and stretchier than regular jeans but they still hold their shape well. Plus they're easier to wear than full-length jeans in this crazy heat.

Annnnnd of course, can't forget the ubiquitous flip flops:
Old Navy, 2 for $5

I love these because
1. they're super cheap
2. they're super comfy
3. wearing anything but sandals in the summer here sucks
4. I have not yet decided on a cute pair of sandals to get to wear instead
5. did I mention they're cheap?

Am thinking of something like this, for a bit of variety/for something that looks a little nicer:
Payless 20.00


Inspiration from the east

For awhile now I've been just a tad obsessed with anything with an Asian, decor, and definitely clothes.

I picked up a few shirts from Charming Charlie the other day, and two of them fall right into this category:
The blue one is nearly long enough to be a dress on me...maybe with tights when it gets cooler? And if it's too short, I can always go with good old leggings.

They were having a sale, buy one get two free, so I got three shirts for 20 or 30 dollars. I love a good deal... and honestly, who doesn't?

I saw this photo awhile back on a random website, but had no idea where it originally came from (sad) because I'm IN LOVE with this skirt. I don't care what I have to do (even make it myself), I will own this skirt by next fall.
So I'm a sucker for anything Asian-inspired. I'm hoping I get to go visit sometime soon, maybe pick up a few original/more traditional items, but for now I'll just have to stick with these:
LEFT: Forever21 10.99   CENTER: H&M 24.95   RIGHT: Frankie & Johnny via Amazon 29.00

Wardrobe wish list

These are a few items I'd really like to buy soon, but current (lack of) funds is keeping from going shopping for them right now:

1. nude/blush/peach pumps (not suede)
2. color-block flats
3. cute summery wedges
4. white button-up
5. denim shirt..? (i used to detest denim shirts-blame my grade school music teacher-but they're growing on me)
6. something with polka dots (very vague, but I'm open to whatever; prefereably black/navy blue & white)
7. same as #6, but with stripes
8. crossbody bag
9. awesome watch

I feel like I should make the list an even 10, but if I did that I could go on to 100, so I'll just stop at 9.


My new/old obsession is fashion. It's old in that I've enjoyed obsessing (in varying degrees) over it for the past five years or so. It's new in that I've never really done a whole lot of incorporating my fashion into my everyday life. So that's what I'm starting now.

I love fashion most of the time (sometimes I get a little burned out), and I'm done with the excuses for not displaying that love of fashion.

My most common excuses (for not wearing anything other than jeans and a tshirt):

1. I don't have enough money to buy all the cute stuff I like--true, I'm pretty broke, but I've recently taken a gander at my complete closet and realized I have a lot of clothes that appear in my inspiration photos I've collected over the years. So that excuse is pretty much shot.

2. all the cute clothes I do have don't fit--also true (sometimes), as my weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the last few years, but I am determined to make due with what I have now and, as I drop a few lbs, more of my clothes will start to fit again

3. I feel to "young" to wear a lot of these clothes, like I'm playing dress-up--I think I feel like this mostly because I'm still not used to wearing clothes that don't come from teen-oriented stores; the more I wear mature clothes, the more normal it will feel. I am determined to dress like the (somewhat) adult 23-year-old that I am.

4. it's too hot/cold to concentrate on what my clothes look like--with winter clothing, it's not as much of an issue, but summers in Kansas can be a b!tch, most sane people just want to stick to shorts and tank tops in 115 degree heat. But shorts and tank tops can still be cute and fashionable, and summer nights here cool down enough to bring out even more options.

So excuses PAS PLUS!

my very fashionable moment as a 4-year-old