one of those weeks..

The last week has not been great for me. I got sick in May, and by the end of June I was feeling much better. I thought that I was back to 100%, but the last two weeks have kind of slapped me back and been like, Ha yeah, not quite. I've had to drop a few classes, and because I had no flexibility left in my classes on my course to graduation, I ended up having to push my graduation date back a whole year. For two classes. Sucks. Trying to look at the silver lining, though, is that 1) I'm not going to kill myself from stress now, 2) I might actually get to study abroad next fall!! I'm so excited. It's all I've wanted to do since I came to college. But much more about that later.

Another thing that happened yesterday that made my bad week not quite as bad is that I got a call from a clothing store in town about coming in for an interview. I had applied there like over two months ago. I had applied at a lot of places, but sometimes people take forever to call back. Whatever. I ended up taking a job at a sandwich shop and I hate it. For many reasons. So I was really excited that I got this call. I have an interview on Tuesday. Fingers crossed it goes well, and I can quit the hellhole that is my current place of work.

So trying to take my mind off of my current woes, I've started dreaming up some cute outfits to wear to my maybe-soon-to-be new job. And then I realized, hey. Polyvore. So I put them together so I could actually look at them with my eyes instead of with just my thoughts.



Obviously I can totally afford all of these clothes :)

*Also, when I worked at the Limited last year, they had some fairly rigid rules on what you can and can't wear. If you aren't wearing head-to-toe Limited brand (excluding shoes and accessories), then you can only wear solid black and white pieces. No gray. No black and white stripes. Each article of clothing has to be a solid color, and it has to be black or white. Also, if you are not wearing "dress" pants of some sort (like if you are wearing jeans), then you have to be wearing a blazer too.

So I have no idea the dress code for other stores, but I'm thinking in terms of somewhere close-ish to what the Limited had (hopefully more fun and flexible though).

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