i do believe it's true that there are roads left in both of our shoes

I have a story that makes me sound like a bitter old woman, but I don't care

See these shoes?

The dirtier, the better.

The shoes epitomizing all things Instagram-posting, Starbucks-going, leggings and baggy sweaters-wearing hipster girls?

That is not who I am, yet those shoes are 100% mine. I've owned this pair for over three years, but I bought my first pair of white Chucks back in high school, circa 2005. I chose white ones for two reasons: 1. everyone had the traditional black ones, and I wanted something at least a little different, and 2. Robert Plant (lead singer of Led Zeppelin) had a pair in white. Obviously I was not the only person on the planet with a pair of these shoes in this color, but I was certainly in the minority. Until about two years ago.

I've been tempted to just throw them out (re: donate them) (actually, I could probably sell them), but I can't bring myself to do it. I'm hoping that the popularity of these shoes will die out within the next year. But then I'll have to wait another year or two before I can wear them again.

I'm not the kind of person who is worried about being too trendy and thus actually not being original at all. I don't care about this because I wear what I like (and usually what I like tends more toward the timeless and not the of-the-moment fads). But occasionally something will come along that just becomes so popular among a certain group of people that I can't bring myself to wear it anymore, at least not until the fashion limelight abandons it and it has a year or two of a breather.

It's entirely possible that I'm overthinking this. (I am.) But I also know that I'm not the only person that feels this way. How do you get over this (very unimportant) problem? Because people who think fashion doesn't matter are lying to themselves. Every day you walk outside in that shirt or those boots or a purse hanging from the crook of your arm with a tiny little metal plate declaring "Hermes"'re presenting to the world (or in my case, the college town of 90,000 people) what matters to you and how you want people to see (or not see) you. Fashion matters. Or, more accurately, clothes matter.

They question is, do I want to present myself as the type of girl who wears white Chucks in 2016 when I'm not that type of girl?

Ah, the outfits I would wear....(though maybe not at 10am on a college campus)

Floral skirt and chambray shirt.

Leather pants and a Batman ring.

Suede skirt and Karl Lagerfeld graphic tee.

Find all my Polyvore outfits here.

If you have something you love that everyone and their moms seem to be wearing this moment, how do you set yourself apart? Or do you just do you, not caring if it merges with a very widespread trend? Or do you do me, and waste time putting together outfits online at 11:30 at night?

Much love.

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