florals? for spring? groundbreaking.

How many fashion blogs have used this quote during spring? Seriously, I should start keeping count.

So it's more than halfway through March and it's caught me off guard just a bit. February in Kansas is so blah, and suddenly it's the third week of March and it's warm enough to wear shorts some days and sandals most days. I love the transition seasons, which is unfortunate because more often than not they pass by in a blink here. We routinely see snow in April and then in May it'll be 80+ degrees out; in the fall, we can experience days where it's 100 degrees even in September, and suddenly in October it's time for coats. It's frustrating to live in Kansas if you do not like or cannot deal with extreme weather; on the plus side, it's never boring.

In the spring, everyone is all about the flowers. But what about the non-floral plants? Maybe we should give them some love.

Coral reef

Green and leafy (and...stripey)

Get meta with palm trees

I was trying to put together an almost all-green outfit for they leafy one, but it's St Patrick's Day today and all I could see was leprechauns and four leaf clovers and other American-y stuff we Americans think the Irish are all about on St Patty's Day (we actually just use it as an excuse to be appropriately publicly inebriated) that I just had to go with green only on the skirt.

What do you plan on wearing into the rush of spring? (I'll be honest...I'll still be wearing about 90% black.)

I guess you can get away with wearing anything when you're 5...

Much love.

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