i'll never let you sweep me off my feet

How good are you at not judging people? I'm talking about the more generalized judging that is unnecessary and usually negative.

I won't lie, walking through campus every day, I get to see all the interesting and unique styles people have (ignoring the leggings-and-sweater girls. No shade. I wear the hell out of that outfit too). One thing I struggle with, though, is sizing a person up by what shoes they are wearing. I know that sounds so...stupid. You're right. It is. But if you didn't catch on from this post here, I have a thing about shoes.

I once read that an interviewer would not judge a potential employee by what clothing they wore to the interview but by the shoes they wore. They said that it gave a better idea of a person's attention to detail and blah blah none of you care. My point is, if clothes are a sentence, shoes are the punctuation at the end. Might not seem important, but it provides the tone of the entire thing as a whole.

Now, I want to be clear: I don't judge a person's character by their shoes (again, excluding this post), just their fashion sense.

You'd think that a college campus isn't the best place for judging footwear, seeing as most people are walking a fair bit and thus are less likely to walk around in 4-inch heels. This is true. But that's where two other events/situations come into play: 1. career fairs, and 2. my work.

Career fairs are a fun way to watch college kids try to figure out how to dress professionally. This is where the girls are forced to put away their running shoes or Converse or whatever sneaker is the style du jour, and put on something \\gasp\\ dressy.

My work provides me with a different demographic and environment, ergo there is a much greater variety in the shoes that come through that door. (The shoes have people attached to them, obviously. I was talking about customers. It was a lame joke.)

Anyways, here are shoes and judgements about which I should not be thinking but do. Hopefully I'm not alone in this.

Freaking everybody has these. Seriously. Everybody.
Was there a year-long giveaway I never heard about, or...?

Basic. Not as in basic bitch; more like, back to basics.

Still basic, but A+ for effort with the color.

Welcome to 2015.'s 2016 now, right? Oh well. Still cute.

Hooves. Your feet kinda look like hooves.

Two words: Barbie feet.

Better safe than sorry.

I implore you to take fashion week street style with a grain of salt.

On second thought...I might be digging this.

The apocalypse has come.

This has got to be the snarkiest and most judgmental post I've ever written. I did try to warn you. Kinda. A little. Not enough to make you stop reading, because I really wanted you to read it. It's okay if you judge me for my judging. Is the word judge starting to sound to you like it's not a real word anymore? Me too.

Much love.

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